About Us

About Bali Leather

Bali Leather is a leather skin wholesaler and manufacturer based in Bali, with more than 16 years experience in sheep, cow and goat leather skin. Bali Leather always provide excellent quality items, all colors and finishing can be made.

In 2012 Bali Leather started to manufacture Leather bags, jackets, clutches, purse, shoes and kid’s shoes, belts and almost everything that can be produced from leather skin. We are able to work with cow, sheep, goat, lizard, fish and snakeskin.

Our particularity is to customize products from sketches, images or drawings from our customers and make them become real. Once the clients validate the samples we start to produce the leather products.

If you are interested in creating leather items with us, let’s get in touch.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

The Bali Leather Team.